Marguerite C.

As an adult piano student, it’s been over 35 years since I last had piano lessons. I was frustrated with my lack of discipline to practice on my own and stumped by my limited sight reading skills, unable to play more complicated pieces that used to give me joy. As a recent empty nester I have more time on my hands and decided to take lessons again. Thankfully you had room in your busy music school schedule to accommodate my schedule and we started lessons! It’s been a year now of fun and improved skill. You have helped me overcome obstacles of all sorts including getting better at sight reading and participating in a voluntary recital! The recital was fun, intense and very empowering all at the same time. You have enabled me to make progress that I wasn’t able to make on my own. Class time is great because we cover so much. We work on exercises, theory, and progressively more difficult pieces. I especially enjoy the duets that we have worked on together. You are a fantastic teacher and musician: patient and kind and incredibly professional as well. You take your business seriously and work to improve your own knowledge of teaching by attending conferences and concerts. I’m so glad that you are my teacher! Thank you!

-Marguerite C.