Private Lessons

Students learn technique, theory, repertoire, improvisation, composition, and music history. I teach a variety of genres including classical, jazz/blues, and contemporary. I select lesson material based on a student’s learning style and pace. Students wanting a recreational approach to playing the piano are introduced to a large selection of repertoire, with an emphasis on enjoying the process of making music without the stress of exams. Students looking for a more rigorous, exam based curriculum study the Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum and can take exams to independently evaluate their progress if they choose.

Recitals are held at least twice per year. Recitals are not mandatory and memorization is not required but I strongly encourage all students, regardless of age or level to participate. Many first time performers choose to do duets with me or a parent before performing solo.

I offer 30, 45, and 60 minute lessons. Beginning students generally do well with 30 minute lessons. By the second year of study many students are ready for 45 minute sessions. Late intermediate and higher level students require 60 minute lessons in order to cover all assigned material.